Me, Rinnie

My name Rinnie Crossler and works as a motivator, mentor, therapeutic coach and educator. Listen cabinets and Vedic Art is my tools and my own development and personality.

I am a person who is inspiring and present, have always been a natural leadership skills which also expresses itself in that I am responsive and can follow but also to lead.

The more I worked with myself and my generation, the more I become myself, the person I once was meant to be. On the way, I have brought with me the gifts I received from life’s challenges. Challenges I made up for myself, for my own highest development’s sake.

Joy, inspiration, clear, interested and soft it is, I first think about myself. Others have also said that I am trustworthy and down to earth.

Personally, I also think that I’m stubborn sometimes in a very good way but sometimes with a tendency to not let go, though I for myself would have it, it might look like the devotion and loyalty of its best splendor he he.

I co-founded Sweden’s first hotline for parents in the early 90’s. Parental Shelter was where I first came into contact with an approach that came to inspire me to develop Listens cabinets. I continued to educate myself through self-help groups both individually and in groups. This led to me in the early 2000s, participated as one of 17 motivators Annika Dip Hastings book; Dip Hastings strength drops and even in her program series of the same name shown on TV 4 in installments.

I also work with Listening The neighborhood within the organization in different ways and also with lectures and courses, now also for families with blah. game days. Together with Annika Grebe, I created also a training film; Listen Box creative listening.

I have worked as a nanny in the nursery and primary school for 20 odd years. Even as the department manager a permanent employee for toddlers.

I have two children of their own and a granddaughter of 2 years, I have four stepchildren from three long-term relationships.

Relationships are what I worked mostly with both my own and that support to others. Through our relationships we can learn very about ourselves and develop as people.

1992 I started a Vedic Art course painting was a dream I had since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an artist. I painted intensely for many years, often together with my children, went all the courses that existed in Vedic Art and became a teacher in 1998 and has since had its own courses in Vedic Art. Today I have developed child and family courses in Vedic Art and advanced courses for the second Vedic Art teacher. I work very with my courses in Vedic Art but also paints itself. I have also had numerous exhibitions and has made a trip together with an art project and a local primary school where I had the Passion art for four years.

Between 2004 – 2010 was also started up an artists’ courses (ongoing), art tours twice a year, organized a Christmas market for 3 years and Nasby Day (ongoing) a day show and performances and art exhibitions food and music where I also am of ceremonies.

I travel around with my courses and lectures throughout the country, I also have courses in Stockholm year. I also arranges trips with Vedic Art and listening Creator to warmer climes, both for children and families but also for teachers and other adults.

Since I began my conscious development of myself, my increased creativity and I have access to my own motivation and thus also the courage, the courage to do what I want and long to dare to try. Once one finds himself and his mission in life, “his Dharma ‘then there is no barrier, then do not worry anymore about their obstacles” his karma. ”

I have two lovely poodles and a lovely garden to be where I land softly between my classes and my traveling and I love to work from home and get crude myself, walk in the woods and enjoy the forest and the sea air, together with my four-legged friends. To move the body with exercise yoga and Q Gong is also wonderfully I meditate TM every day leading me inside where I can dissolve stress and draw strength and knowledge in the collective field.

Welcome to take part of my website and everything here is offered perhaps you will find something for you and your Crea Diem <3